A great guest experience is spontaneous and magical, but for those behind the magic its the result of careful planning.

For Ngage and our clients, every great guest experience is the result of well-organised and proactive professionals realising their vision. Together we share the same dogged determination and burning passion for helping our clients create the magic experiences that stay with their guests long after visiting. And it all starts with keeping things smart, seamless and simple.




Remarkable experiences shouldn’t require remarkable effort.

We believe first and foremost in keeping our products and services smart, seamless and simple. From journey mapping to leveraging onsite amenities and services, we make sure understanding your guests translates into a consistently incredible stay.






This is how we discovered Smart Concierge.

Smart Concierge puts your hotel in the palm of your guest’s hand using their smart devices. By providing easy booking, effective promotions, local insight and more, your guests access content on demand from the convenience and familiarity of their own smartphone or tablet. No waiting, no delay. Your guest doesn’t even have to download it from an app store. Smart. Seamless. Simple.




Smart Concierge
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