Guests Experience Excellence

Smart Concierge lets your guests have everything they want in their pocket.


Top Functions:

Hotel Way Finding
Quick and simple directions for guests to explore and enjoy your offerings.
Amenities Promotion
Make sure guests don’t miss out on facilities, menus and services.
Easy Booking
Make it easy to access everything from room service and dinner reservations to tee times or spa experiences.
Check in Check Out final
Fast-track guests from arrival to their room in record time, no queues, no hassle, no worries.
Smart Room Entry
Lock and unlock your room with your phone, key-ring or room card ensuring maximum convenience for all guests.
Local Translations
Guests can get translations from their native tongue to the local languages in seconds, so no need to fret.
Local Places of Interest
Nobody knows the surrounding area better than you so why not share, recommend and promote the local area.
Transport & Taxis
Guests can book recommended local taxis and check transport times all through your Smart Suite .



Hoteliers Experience Excellence

Smart Concierge has been developed with hoteliers to reduces costs and improve guest spend.



Top Features:

Easy Install
It’s all in the guest’s pocket, so no hardware taking up space. Plus if you have existing booking, reservation or check-in systems we can tie in with them.
Easy Updates
All of the content on your Smart Concierge can be updated at the touch of a button, so no costly reprinting or waiting for days; this is great if you have daily/weekly offers.
Branding and Content
Your brand, your house colours and your content. From images to videos, and from social media to pdfs, the smart concierge can show off your best content.
Measure success and improve content by seeing what guests are looking at and what they are using most. No more guessing or surveys.
multilingual 2
Guests have the power to enjoy and share your content in their own language. This translation happens automatically so that it works for all content, all of the time.